Thursday, April 30, 2009

Status Report: April 30, 2009

Thanks to Chuck the Matrix is now back in full operation and ready to accept uploads. I will get to work uploading all information received over the past few weeks that has been "on hold".

As soon as I am able to get my hands on the two missing pages for Meek's book "Over the Top" I will start the transcription process. The team is assembled and waiting - provided the weather does not suddenly become of "landscape quality, cottage quality or otherwise too-nice-to-be-inside quality".

If there are any other announcements regarding the Forum or the Matrix, I will post them here, but failing that we will not be here for a while. However, you can continue to post any questions or comments here about the technical issues for the forum or matrix and we can try and deal with those as they arrive. I will receive a notice at any time you post a comment.

I will also update the link list from time-to-time, so send in your key research links if they are not shown on the left panel.

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