Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10, 2012 Update: 0600 Hours

The update to the new server at http://cefresearch.ca/phpBB2/ is now complete. The process was finalized and the tests completed at 1:48 am on June 9, 2012.

Please update your bookmarks accordingly:

To Main Index Page of CEFSG: http://cefresearch.ca
Direct Link to the Forum: http://cefresearch.ca/phpBB2/

Once we are absolutely sure everything is stable we will make the final adjustments to the links.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2130 Hours

I have no new information to report at this time and I will not be reporting here again until the morning - as I leave for the farm at sunrise. We will have to wait until later to see if Register.ca was able to upload the database this evening, or whether it will not appear until tomorrow morning. They have reported that they have already changed the linkages between the .CA and the .COM web sites. That is an IMPORTANT step so that you do not get sent back to the .COM web site while you are inside the .CA web site. If that does happen it is very important that you report the details of that event so it can be fixed.

If I am correct, you will know that the transfer has been completed if the FORUM CATEGORY at the top of the existing page (http://cefresearch.ca/phpBB2/) is NO LONGER "Important Notices - Progress of Move" as I placed that prior to the move and it would be overwritten by the new database.

If you so go to the site during the overnight hours (day time for other areas of the world!) and see that the site is working (or if there are issues), please post them here so that I will have a record of these in the morning.

July 9. 2012 1906 hours

The data base has left the USA server on .COM and is now at the Canadian server .CA but has not been inserted.

Good work Chuck!

We now have to wait until http://register.ca completes the upload. That requires a number of checks and inserts to make sure everything is working.

It would be nice if we could do all of this ourselves (which eventually we will) but for now it was ease of process and speed of process to let the new people complete that step.

July 9, 2012 1710 Hours EST

We are now t-45 minutes to the download of the CEFSG.COM site and that means it will not be operational after that time.

If for some reason you can get access to the site PLEASE DO NOT POST any information as it will be lost - and you may interfere in the backup that Chuck is making.

Everything is set up with Register.ca in Canada to move the backup database to the new server as soon as possible - they may even be able to do it tonight. They have my access codes to the .CA server so they may be very active on the new site checking to make sure everything is working (so that will not be me even though my name may appear).

Hang tight!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 7, 2012 Update

This was posted Saturday on the FORUM and is reposted here for those that are following the transfer on the Blog site.

You will now note that when you go to the existing .COM forum site here:


that you will get the same page as when you go to the .CA site at:


which was one more step in the conversion process. For those not conversant with HTML or PHP codes, when you go to a site it looks first for a page called "index.html". You can have that page open in your browser or set it to automatically redirect you to another site, or another page in the web site.

For some time the automatic feature has been in place that sends you directly to the forum at:


where it first looks for a file called "index.php" and voilĂ , the site opens.

The purpose of having this change made is so that when the conversion starts, now planned for 1800 hours on Monday July 9th, you will still see the index page but you will not be able to go to the forum. Both the .COM and the .CA forums will be CLOSED during the conversion so that posts are not made and then lost when the new system is restarted.

During that period you would go to the BLOG for updates which is at:


Interesting that unknown to me until I noticed it in the last few days, BLOGGER has also changed the system so when you go to the .COM address it directs you now to the .CA address. Eventually that will happen if you go to the CEFSG Forum at the .COM address.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4, 2012 Update

We are nearly set to take the big jump to the new .CA server, which may happen next week. We are ready here to make the change, but with the Canada Day holiday and now Memorial Day in the USA, it would be unrealistic to make the move this week.

We have resurected the old style INDEX page and posted it to the .CA page which you can find here:


We have sent the same file to the team in the USA to post on the .COM site so that everyone that goes to either site will get the same information and notices.

In either case, you can select which part of the site you want to go to from the links on that index page. In the current format, the index page automatically directs you to the phpBB2 directory of the forum. We can switch back to that style once we work out all the bugs, including the upgrade to phpBB3. We have started that process but are currently locked out (timed out) on the server we are using. We will come back to that problem once we get the phpBB2 system operational on the .CA server.

Prior to making the switch to the .CA domain we need to have a final "database dump" which will capture all the posts and replies on the forum at that fixed point in time. That step would be coordinated with a "lockout" at the .COM forum, to ensure that we did not end up with orphan posts getting on to that site. The information in the database dump must then be uploaded to the .CA site, which would probably be completed by the Register.ca tech people. We are working on mastering this step internally but we would not want to delay the primary conversion by doing it ourselves.