Thursday, April 30, 2009

Status Report: April 30, 2009

Thanks to Chuck the Matrix is now back in full operation and ready to accept uploads. I will get to work uploading all information received over the past few weeks that has been "on hold".

As soon as I am able to get my hands on the two missing pages for Meek's book "Over the Top" I will start the transcription process. The team is assembled and waiting - provided the weather does not suddenly become of "landscape quality, cottage quality or otherwise too-nice-to-be-inside quality".

If there are any other announcements regarding the Forum or the Matrix, I will post them here, but failing that we will not be here for a while. However, you can continue to post any questions or comments here about the technical issues for the forum or matrix and we can try and deal with those as they arrive. I will receive a notice at any time you post a comment.

I will also update the link list from time-to-time, so send in your key research links if they are not shown on the left panel.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Status Report: April 25, 2009

The CEFSG Forum is up and running - and it appears to be in good working order. I have not noticed any missing topics or files. The speed also seems quite adequate.

I must report, however, that the access to the other sections (i.e. uploads to the Matrix) have not been restored so no new information can be added. Access to the Matrix resources is fully functional.

As soon as I am able to upload the new information to the Matrix I will post that here. If anyone notices any other issues with the CEFSG Forum, please leave your comment here and I will sure that it gets forwarded to Neil and Chuck.

This site has sent out an automatic e-mail to a number of CEFSG members to JOIN AS A FRIEND to follow this site. Anyone can sign up for automatic feeds or as a friend. Everyone is welcome to make comments.

Thanks to Peter Broznitsky for sending in some new links to add to the panel on the left. As time goes by I will try to sort these into sections. They were added quickly to provide "some relief" during our time of stress!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Status Report: April 22, 2009

Thanks to great and fast work from Chuck Grohowski, the CEFSG Forum is "alive". I know it has been a lonely few days for most of us, so now is a good time to sit back and reflect on the great experience we have all had here and to recognize and appreciate all the new "Cyber Friends" that we have met. For some of us, those meetings have resulted in face-to-face meetings, so I do hope that aspect grows for all of us.

The CEFSG Forum Blog will stay here so that if this happens again, or if there is a need for a general announcement, we can use this site. All or any of you can post a comment to the BLOG and it will be added (once moderated - until we know it is SPAM Proof). Annette has started a "Followers" group to the blog, so you can sign up there as well (in private if you wish).

This is also a good time for all of us to take a quick pause and thank Neil for his initiative to start this Forum and keep it going. Some times you just don't miss something until it is taken away from you - now we all understand!

You can now SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG use the FEED Tool shown in the left panel of this Blog. For those who are not familiar with this approach, I suggest you try the ATOM RSS feed, as it adds that component to your Microsoft Outlook Mail folder. If you do not use that for your MAIL try one of the others.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Status Report: CEFSG April 21, 2009

As all of you are now probably aware, the CEFSG Forum is currently off-line. There was an unexplained problem with the main server and the technical team is in the process of moving the site to a "new and improved" server. To do that it is also necessary to reinstall the "Operating System" and that will take some time. We will do our best to keep you updated here on the blog site, not just now but in all future occasions.

To the best of my knowledge, no data has been lost.

The blog is left open so you can post comments, but until such time as we are sure that this blog does not become infested with "spam comments", all of the comments will be moderated.

Neil and the Moderators thank you for your patience and ask all the members to "Stand By".

In the meantime we have listed a number of other links that you may wish to use while the CEFSG is off-line.

If you are really lost without the CEFSG Forum you might also want to take this time to go check out the newest addition to the CEFSG Projects. I am pleased to be able to announce that we have finalized the agreement with the Lorne Scots Regimental Association and the CEFSG has now uploaded a draft copy of the document.

There were a few "glitches" with the initial upload of the scanned document. I have now replaced sections 2, 3A and 3B. I have removed the "Consolidated Copy". Please let me know if you find any other errors. Pages 51 and 52 are missing - I am looking for those pages!

Author: John Meek
Title: Over the Top! The Canadian Infantry in the First World War
Web Location: On The Matrix MediaFire Site

Member comments will show immediately below each post. Bear with me as I try to figure out how to make them apprear at all times, but in the meantime just click on the "comments" tag to read notes from other members.