Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Status Report: April 22, 2009

Thanks to great and fast work from Chuck Grohowski, the CEFSG Forum is "alive". I know it has been a lonely few days for most of us, so now is a good time to sit back and reflect on the great experience we have all had here and to recognize and appreciate all the new "Cyber Friends" that we have met. For some of us, those meetings have resulted in face-to-face meetings, so I do hope that aspect grows for all of us.

The CEFSG Forum Blog will stay here so that if this happens again, or if there is a need for a general announcement, we can use this site. All or any of you can post a comment to the BLOG and it will be added (once moderated - until we know it is SPAM Proof). Annette has started a "Followers" group to the blog, so you can sign up there as well (in private if you wish).

This is also a good time for all of us to take a quick pause and thank Neil for his initiative to start this Forum and keep it going. Some times you just don't miss something until it is taken away from you - now we all understand!

You can now SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG use the FEED Tool shown in the left panel of this Blog. For those who are not familiar with this approach, I suggest you try the ATOM RSS feed, as it adds that component to your Microsoft Outlook Mail folder. If you do not use that for your MAIL try one of the others.

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