Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 7, 2012 Update

This was posted Saturday on the FORUM and is reposted here for those that are following the transfer on the Blog site.

You will now note that when you go to the existing .COM forum site here:

that you will get the same page as when you go to the .CA site at:

which was one more step in the conversion process. For those not conversant with HTML or PHP codes, when you go to a site it looks first for a page called "index.html". You can have that page open in your browser or set it to automatically redirect you to another site, or another page in the web site.

For some time the automatic feature has been in place that sends you directly to the forum at:

where it first looks for a file called "index.php" and voilĂ , the site opens.

The purpose of having this change made is so that when the conversion starts, now planned for 1800 hours on Monday July 9th, you will still see the index page but you will not be able to go to the forum. Both the .COM and the .CA forums will be CLOSED during the conversion so that posts are not made and then lost when the new system is restarted.

During that period you would go to the BLOG for updates which is at:

Interesting that unknown to me until I noticed it in the last few days, BLOGGER has also changed the system so when you go to the .COM address it directs you now to the .CA address. Eventually that will happen if you go to the CEFSG Forum at the .COM address.

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