Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2130 Hours

I have no new information to report at this time and I will not be reporting here again until the morning - as I leave for the farm at sunrise. We will have to wait until later to see if was able to upload the database this evening, or whether it will not appear until tomorrow morning. They have reported that they have already changed the linkages between the .CA and the .COM web sites. That is an IMPORTANT step so that you do not get sent back to the .COM web site while you are inside the .CA web site. If that does happen it is very important that you report the details of that event so it can be fixed.

If I am correct, you will know that the transfer has been completed if the FORUM CATEGORY at the top of the existing page ( is NO LONGER "Important Notices - Progress of Move" as I placed that prior to the move and it would be overwritten by the new database.

If you so go to the site during the overnight hours (day time for other areas of the world!) and see that the site is working (or if there are issues), please post them here so that I will have a record of these in the morning.

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