Thursday, January 31, 2019

Forum Upgrade and Backups are Underway

The process of backing up the forum database and then switching over to phpBB 3.2.5 from phpBB 3.0.14 started at 5:10 am EST of Thursday January 31, 2019.

  1. Backups of the database were made by our host at as well as a number of variations of backups made here at the CEFSG. This is the most critical of all the steps in the process, as our database is SO LARGE. It has been the CEFSG policy to retain ALL POSTS in the system.
  2. The BOARD has now been closed so that internal changes can be made to return it to its original style. This removes any modifications we have made to the board over the past number of years, thus improving the chance that the conversion of the system will go ahead smoothly. I am sure there will be some "bumps" along the process. This is a MAJOR upgrade, unlike any we have done in the past, as it is NEW software not just MODIFIED software. Many of the features from the past will disappear until a process to return them is developed.
  3. Back in operation. There is still an issue with the FORMAT error reports, but at least now I have found the answer:

    You will see that topic says it "corrects itself", which I have already seen happening. I also know how to manually correct a post that does not fix itself.

    I have been working on the CLI (Command Line Interface) using PUTTY for a few days now, however it is new to me and I am on the "learning curve". Until I have that resolved, better to let the problem correct itself.

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