Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We are Stable!

All appears to be well and we have reactivated the Google Bot and if there are no problems we will allow the Bing Bot as well.

Remember to ALWAYS come to this Blog if you have problems with the CEFSG site, as when it is down or not available to you as an individual, we post the notice here.

For those that they find they do not have access, remember that we have a number of IP addresses blocked. To OPEN yours, you have to send me your IP address, User Name and local geographic address - as we have a number of international users. There are many sites that provide this - for example:



Once I received that and confirm that you are a member, the IP address is cleared.

If you have a DYNAMIC IP instead of a STATIC IP you may have to file a notice again until we narrow down your area.

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