Monday, January 9, 2017

Update of the Great Bot Hunter for January 9, 2017

The .htaccess file has been changed to remove blocks on members that have reported in, plus the addition of new blocks on a number of new sites from Eastern Europe and Russia.

I have not repeated the list of blocks here but if anyone wants it, just ask. If you do not have access please remember to send me an e-mail to:

Two other major steps were completed today:

  1. The posts on the MAIN FORUM that deal with this issue have been moved to a MEMBERS ONLY section of the web site. That means that if you are not a member you do not even know that area of the forum exists.
  2. The CEFSG WIKI has been under increased attacks since the FORUM blocks were put in place so that is the one that is now PASSWORD protected. You need to enter both the correct USER NAME and PASSWORD to get into the Wiki. It has now been accessed by a member so I can confirm it is working - yahoo! That is not a simple process. Details on how to gain access is provided in the new MEMBERS ONLY section, as we don't want to publish that here on an open forum.
The size of the log file was significantly reduced today, which I take as a good sign. The really BAD BOT "SEMrushBOT" is not going down without a fight as it made 18,746 attempts to get into the site yesterday - all of which were successfully blocked. There were 36,582 entries in total, many of which were Google and Bing bots that are now rejected as well. Basically, if you are a BOT then "BUG OFF"for now and we will reconsider you later. GOOGLE and BING are "good bots" but for now we have to keep everyone away until we get this under control.

Lastly, we have had some very generous donations to the RESERVE FUND so I extend my thanks to all involved. As requested at the start of the DONATIONS program, the names of the donors are not identified publicly. Each donor "should" be receiving an automated confirmation e-mail once a donation is received.

Hopefully all of this will come to an end soon, it has been an annoyance to say the least!


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