Monday, August 27, 2012

Important Notice August 27, 2012

The following notice was published on the CEFSG Forum on Monday August 27th and is repeated here for the benefit of those that are not able to access the forum during the transfer period.

(This Page Last Update on August 27, 2012 )

The CEFSG Forum will be closed on Tuesday August 28th to allow for the system upgrade to phpBB3 from the current phpBB2.

Please do not try to gain access to the forum from any book marked links as that may disrupt the transfer process. The phpBB2 data base will need to be backed up in the most current state and then moved to the phpBB3 system.

There are a number of posts on the phpBB2 system about the planned upgrade which you should read on Monday August 27, 2012:

That link will disappear this evening, however all of the notices and updates are posted on the CEFSG Blog at this location:

 You can add your questions or comments at either of those locations. All notices posted on Tuesday August 28th will be on the BLOG ONLY, so you might want to also paste your comments there. If there are any serious issues, you can send an e-mail to

Please note the special request relative to your TEMPORARY PASSWORD for the new system. User Names and Avatars will stay intact but all existing passwords will be lost during the transfer.

You can confirm that you have read this notice by clicking on the following link, which will then direct you to the forum:


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