Saturday, August 25, 2012

HTML Not Allowed in phpBB3

The following was posted to the CEFSG forum site and is duplicated here for ease of transition on Tuesday August 28, 2012:

This note is for members who have been using HTML recently in their posts for the resizing of pictures ("img src") or the posting of albums for cloud computing ("iframe src"). For all others, don't read any further as this will be absolute gibberish, and for those that continue - put on your seat belts and life jackets!

The use of HTML codes is [u]prohibited[/u] in the phpBB3 system that this site will be changing to at 10 am on Tuesday August 28th (2012). It has been determined by the experts that this is the major reason forums have been "hacked" as it is a simple route for the nasty people out there to input computer code into the system.

Not to worry though, there is a new system of forum based BBCode that we add to our own forum that creates the same effect as the HTML code did in the phpBB2 system that we currently use. For example, where you now see and use the codes [IMG], there will be a new code [fIMG] that will let you set the width and height of the images you post. For the albums, there will be a new code [iFRAME]. These will all appear under the existing BBCode that you see every time you are creating a post.

There are many, many more codes that we will be able to add - thus the great benefit of the upgrade to phpBB3. We will have the option to be able align text to the left, right or centre; to change the font within a post, the alter the background colour - and a whole host of other options. Specific codes also exist for inserting videos from YouTube etc.

For those that want additional background on phpBB3, please refer to these official phpBB3 sites:
phpBB3 Tutorials in Text Format
phpBB3 Tutorials in Flash Video Format

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