Sunday, December 13, 2015

If you have remembered to come to this site when there is a problem with access to the FORUM then you are one of the fortunate!

Something is blocking a number of members from reaching the forum due to their ISP number. For the moment, we are adding an ANTI-BLOCK on those that are reporting in that they do not have access. So far it has hit Helen, Marika and Greg.

If you have been banned with an message that you have been blocked then you need to send me your ISP number and I will reverse the block. Go to this address to get your ISP number:

Send that to me at and then I will take it from there. Tomorrow we can try and find out what happened and see if there is a generic fix but for now we will take it one member at at time. At least we know how to fix it that way!

If you hear from other members about this problem, please direct them to this message.

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