Monday, December 8, 2014

Database Backups on December 8, 2014

All of the CEFSG sites are being manually backed up on Monday December 8, 2014. You may notice a slight interruption in service while this is taking place.

Automatic backups occur on a regular basis but once in a while a manual backup of the complete system is made. A time consuming but important task "just to make sure"!

If you notice anything odd in the system, please let me know at and I will investigate.


The backup has been temporarily delayed due to an error with another site backup. I think it is best if I resolve that problem before I execute the CEFSG backups!


Several hours later it has been confirmed that the errors preventing a proper backup on the other site  were related to sites using WORDPRESS and they have since upgraded the software. The same "hack" does not apply to our forum which is based on phpBB3, The backup will thus be initiated shortly.


All backups complete at 4:28 pm EST.

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