Monday, July 14, 2014

CEFSG MATRIX WIKI Upgrade on July 14, 2014

Thanks to a request from John Stephens, I am now in the process of upgrading the wiki to module 1.23.1.  This does need to be routinely completed and in this case the purpose is "to attempt" to bring in a series of upgrades, such as the ability to automatically have citations and footnotes on the wiki pages. The new module apparently has all those components.

John is the Curator at the Queen's Own Rifles Regimental Museum and Archives and is a current member of the CEFSG. He is undertaking to update all the pages that are perpetuated b the QOR. John has been given the rights to make the changes, which are also available to any other member that asks!

This upgrade process, if all goes as planned, should result in the wiki going back to its original location at:


That page used to tell you to go to the new page after the last upgrade, so for now you will need to manually go there rather than relying on the automatic upgrade:


Any questions, just ask. Every time I do this I have to re-learn the process so bear with me!


UPDATE 5:40 PM Milton Time

The main files of the new UPGRADE are now in place and it is safe to go there to check out what is working and what is not, BUT NO CHANGES PLEASE.

Also please note that the DATABASE to the new site was uploaded from the WIKI2 site early this morning so any changes to the WIKI2 site will not appear on the new WIKI site. At least I have solved the problem as to why I could not call it WIKI before and had to call it WIKI2. From this point forward they should all be called WIKI sites.

The primary issue I am dealing with now is that some of the IMAGES are missing, so for example the cap bade 2.gif is present but 2A.gif is missing. All the images for the GENERAL ORDERS are missing. These are probably the more current images and may be somewhere else - where I do not know! Odd they are missing from both the WIKI and the WIKI2 now so I don't know if this is a current issue or it happened in the past and I did not notice their departure?

I shall leave this for the moment and return with a fresh brain - any one got one I can use? Generally I find it is a simple issue that I am overlooking - hope that is the case here!

UPDATE 3:15 pm July 16, 2014

I have most of the bugs resolved, except for the missing SPECIAL PAGE index, for which I have sent a query to the developer of MediaWiki. I hope I get a response, and one that I understand!

I have unlocked the new version of the WIKI which is now back at the original location:

I would strongly suggest that if you are using this to EDIT or CREATE new pages that you keep a local copy of the text on your own computer, as we have have to do further work on the database. Please do go ahead and save your work to the WIKI, just keep your own copy.

IF YOU SEE ANY ERRORS please let me know, either on existing pages or pages that you are working on at this time. There are likely some other glitches that are related to the SpecialPages error.

I have left the previous version of the WIKI (at closed but you can still read that page and it should also show any changes made on the primary (upgraded site) as they share the same database.

The purpose of this upgrade was primarily to get access to a number of new extensions, such as the "cite" (footnotes) which you are now welcome to try. I myself have not tried them yet.

I will shortly change the re-direct page and then start changing the WIKI2 links in this forum.

For those of you that think that I know what I am doing, give your head a shake. I am self taught by reding forums and a lot of instructions. I try it and cross my fingers and 9 out of 10 times they work. the 1 time they do not, as is the case here with the "SpecialPages", truly tests ones patience. Only Marc LeRoux knows what he is doing when it comes to this type of programming (SQL).

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