Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012 Update

Thanks to Neil, we have bought some breathing room, as the termination of the service from the USA based server has been postoned, at least for a short while. We are not using this extra time to delay the transfer to the new server but it certainly does help.

The Admin & Moderator Team has been working in the background to review alternatives for the placement of the new site. We have already registered the Canadian alternative with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority ( and a test site is under development on a new server at (

There are a few technical glitches that we are trying to resolove:
  1. None of us working on this at the moment are fully literate with setting up a phpBB2 forum on the server. All the phpBB files have been moved but we now have to link the SQL database to the coding in the forum pages. That has not bee a great success to date, so we are waiting for the people at to have a look at these issues when there shop opens.
  2. The existing site is based on phpBB2 which went off-line in 2008 so at some time in the future we have to upgrade to phpBB3, or an entirely different system (i.e. the GWF is on the Invision system). There is a significant cost to upgrade to the phpBB3 system and I have no idea if we can transfer to the Invision system - I will check into that as soon as possible).
No matter what steps we take, we will now be using a system that we must pay for, as the "free ride" is over on the USA server. The Admin & Moderator Team has been paying those costs while a financial model is being put together. There will be an update on that in the near future.

We would like to hear back from the membership, so I would encourage you to post your comments here (rather than on the Forum) so we can all participate in the move. If you have programming skills that we can use to assist in the transfer or upgrade, please let us know!

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  1. Significant cost to upgrade to phpBB3? It's free, there's even some documentation on the phpBB website for upgrading from phpBB2, to phpBB3 -