Saturday, January 22, 2011

Status Report January 2011

The CEFSG web site has survived another year without any failures - thanks to the great work of Neil Burns and his team in the bunker. There are now 2,363 registered users in the group and 60,639 articles posted. I will leave it to Neil to add any words on the progress of the past year.

It has been some time since the MEMBERS LISTING OF WEB SITES was updated on the left panel of this blog, so please if you are a member of the CEFSG and have a WEB or BLOG that relates to your research of the Great War, please give me the details. Send those by e-mail to the CEFSG MATRIX and I will see to it's insertion.

There is also a listing of main research sites that are of use if the FORUM is down, however that is not an all-inclusive list of research material. If you are looking for that level of detail, please refer to Dwight Mercer's (aka Borden Battery) regularly updated list of web sites here:

Thanks to all the members of the CEFSG that keep this forum alive and interesting. Welcome to all the many new members that have joined us this year.

And always remember the guidance of our fearless member GrandsonMichael - "never hesitate to ask a question!".

If you want to keep up-to-date on this topic, sign in as a FOLLOWER on the left panel of the blog site.

ANY CEFSG MEMBER can post to the Matrix Blog with an update at any time. Access to that Twitter Account is by way of the standard (shared) username and password. Those also work on the MediaFire and Photobucket account pages, so join in!


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